How to pack for a Holiday

Imagine you are packing for a holiday. Your entire suitcase's full when you suddenly realize one more item you need to take will not fit. Or you arrive at that dream vacation and find out you have forgotten something vital! Tahis can be very annoying. 

Not any more!

step 1:

About a week before you are about to pack make a list of all the thing you'll need. There are key questions considering clothing options:

- what will the weather be like? (check the weather forecast),
- how long am I staying?
- what will I be doing on this particular trip?


- each item of clothing should match 3 other items. Consider how you can mix and match to create different outfits,
- establish some basic foundation pieces and then add extras,
- decide clothing first and then choose shoes and accessories.

 step 2:

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step 3:

Pack jackets first. Unless you have a large enough bag to pack them flat, fold them in half lengthways to protect them or turn them inside out. Layer each jacket on top of one another.

step 4:

Pack tops and bottoms.

step 5:

Fold jeans and trousers in half and lay them across the top of the suitcase.

step 6:

Pack shoes, toe to heel in plastic bags or shoe bags. Place them in the four corners of the suitcase. If you have a spare corner use the space for a travel iron or toiletries.

step 7:

Pack underwear and swimwear in the spaces between shoes.

step 8:

Pack accessories. Place belts round the inside of the bag (this way they will keep their shape)

step 9:

If not packed in a separate bag, cosmetics and toiletries need to be fitted in between the spaces. Put any cosmetics that might leak into a small bag. Don't forget that if flying, most airline regulationsa still do not permit liquids and gels any larger than 100 ml in your hand luggage.

If in some doubt whether you will wear an outfit then don't take it! Don't cram things into your suitcase.

Here you have some inspirations:



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Also, allow space for all those gorgeous purchases you will make once you get to your destination!:-)


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