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trousers ZARA
jumper SH
watch and ring ASOS.COM

my ombre nails 

You'll need:
- a base coat of your choice
- two colors for your ombré
- a top coat
 nail polish remover
- nail clippers 
- a makeup sponge

1. The first step is to clean and trim your nails, push back your cuticles. Once that's done, apply your base coat.

2. Apply that base color, concentrating on making sure it's opaque — but only towards the base of your nails.

3. Once your base color is dry to the touch — and waiting is crucial, trust — dab a tiny amount of your contrasting color on the tip of your makeup sponge. Smoosh it all over the tip of your nail, taking the contrasting color down towards the halfway zone.

4. When you're done, use nail polish remover to clean up your fingers.

5. Add your top coat and we're done! :-)

here's what I found a few days ago :-)

a bracelet that you can arrange yourself!
I chose three golden hearts on a gray string.

It's called Lilou and it's a brand from Poland.
You'll find it here:
(the site is in french or polish)

a great tune for today :-)

have a nice day everyone!

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